childproofing your home

Stay Safe, Baby!

Premium, well-designed products to keep your family safe


Hey, moms and dads!

Those lovable, outrageous creatures we call kids can make our anxiety rise sky-high.

But household injuries? Push THAT worry off to a teeny, tiny little corner - because Sure Basics
childproofing products:

• Were designed by real parents to solve real problems

• Actually work the way they’re meant to!

• Are easy to install

Lighten up, parents!

Stop worrying and revel in your kiddo’s antics and shenanigans. But do it the right way.

Each year, 2000 children under 14 die from household injuries.

The good news? Many of these injuries are easy to prevent with simple safety measures.

Make YOUR home a safe one with Sure Basics:

My youngest son ended up in the ER.

Cause of injury? He smashed his head into a glass container.

It’s not just your kid 

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I am very pleased with these "Outlet Covers" as an option. They give a very clean & neat appearance (for a white plug/cover) and I especially appreciated the ease (for an adult) to remove the outlet protectors without a crowbar or without breaking a nail.


Great protection for kids and older people
Recently my father suffered a stroke and has lost a great deal of mobility and balance. I found these
table corner protectors and it was perfect for those sharp corners. Very thick it provides good padding. It is easy to install and seems like it would help in the event my Dad bumps into it.

Alfred N.

What I love is that the adhesive strip is already applied to the corner guards, so that wasn't an extra step I had to take. Also, these have more cushion, so if my toddler hits the corner, it softer impact than other brands.

J. Clark

The Best Childproof Sliding Door Locks. Period. They look good, and they're sturdy enough to have survived many attempts by our toddler to open the doors without any signs of distress.