Are fidget spinners a threat to American classrooms?

Some sellers claim it can bring out the genius in you.

The small toys can be held in the palm of your hand. They have a circular pad in the middle. You use your finger and thumb to flick the toy and watch it spin. 

In the world of high-tech gadgets and video games, the simplistic toy runs about $5-$20. Retailers like Walmart and Toys'R'Us can't keep them in stock. Most people are having to go to to buy them.

The manufacturers of the fidget spinners claim they're supposed to help with ADHD and anxiety, but teachers across the country say the devices are causing more of a distraction

Some schools have gone so far as to ban them from their classrooms.

We at Sure Basics believe that it is a current fad and does not cause any harm. It is a must have toy this season. A simple product which is also a toy. Come on! Let the kids play!