Changing Strategies as your Child Grows

Changing strategies as your child grows.

 Time flies fast indeed. Before you know it, your baby proofing is now childproofing.  Providing your child a safe environment is a constantly changing process.  Just what do you do to prepare for a wiser, larger, stronger and much more meddlesome child? 

We would say first offs, reduce the clutter. Keep the countertops clear.  At this point, minimalism is a great idea. Designate a place for everything and make sure it stays. Create labels.  Take this chance and grab the opportunity to teach your child the alphabet and to teach about responsibility, carefully explaining which areas he or she can and cannot touch.  It is best to start early orienting your child about rules.  Assign your child a special area where he or she can store personal items to reduce chances that he meddles with other stuff.

Be updated on product recalls especially those involving children and the home.  Check-out               

Use only the best childproofing products in the market.  Be analytical and investigative.  Read reviews and learn about what other parents say.  Don’t settle for quantity over quality. Trust only reliable products. Consider it an investment.  Your precious one’s safety is important more than anything else.