IKEA launches new dressers with innovative safety features to prevent tip-over accidents

“At IKEA, we believe that the safest way to prevent tip-over incidents is to attach furniture to the wall, per our assembly instructions. With the interlock function, we hope to further encourage wall attachment and decrease the risk of furniture tip-over.” says Vladimir Brajkovic, Head of Range and Product Engineering at IKEA Range & Supply.

The new line features three new designs, but the only one that will be available in the U.S. come this December will feature an interlock function. That means only one drawer can open at a time (think a filing cabinet system) until the dresser is secured to a wall. The second model will require the piece to be attached to a wall before any of the drawers can open, and the third is a two-legged chest of drawers that can only stand upright when secured to a wall.

“Product safety is always a top priority at IKEA. It is a precondition to fulfill our vision to create a better everyday life for the many people, and it is the core of our democratic design process. With that at heart, we have invested heavily in product development and testing over the years, and we have a history of finding innovative solutions to create safer homes for our customers,” says Brajkovic. 

The planned sales start dates for GLESVÄR is December 2019 in the United Kingdom, United States and Germany. More markets will follow in 2020. The limited edition sales will help IKEA learn how customers interact with these new safety innovations and inform future product development.

Here is the link to the official press release from IKEA.