Importance of child safety at home

As the vast majority of serious accidents and injuries take place within the home, keeping children safe is of paramount importance to any parent. As soon as they become mobile and begin to explore the world around them, toddlers and children are always pushing at the boundaries, trying to find out how things work and generally testing out their new found freedoms.

Making sure that your house is as unobtrusively childproof as possible is key to keeping them safe while they explore their environment, and it’s only when you begin to think about just how many dangers there are around the home that you realise how important it is that you invest in some home safety products. Exposed, live plug sockets can attract little fingers, heavy furniture can be used as a climbing frame and topple over, electrical leads look tempting to pull and windows and doors are all there to be opened.

Without understanding or realising they are doing it, children take risks. No matter how many verbal warnings they are given and no matter how well you educate them about the dangers in the family home, children are naturally inquisitive and naturally unaware of the potential consequences.

Have sliding doors that you don't want your child opening? It’s a good idea to fit a Safetynex sliding door lock. These versatile stops can also be fitted to closets and sliding windows, and are a reliable way of preventing children and pets from opening them when they shouldn’t. With a simple mechanism which an adult can operate single-handed, they can be disengaged in seconds and stick to any surface without the need for you to drill holes.

Safetynex child safety locks from Sure Basics can also be fitted to chests of drawers, cabinets, refrigerators, ovens, microwaves, toilet lids, trash cans and just about anywhere else young children might want to explore and play. Like the sliding door locks, these can be installed quickly and easily with adhesive and give you the peace of mind which comes with knowing they can’t get into the places they’re not meant to be.

Especially when they’re first toddling but have limited spatial awareness, fitting corner guards to tables and other items of furniture can help prevent small children from bumping their heads and doing themselves an injury. Foam corner protectors on tables and cabinets will cushion the blow if they accidentally bang themselves on them, while the easy peel adhesive means they won’t damage furniture and can be easily removed once your children are old enough not to need them.

With magnetic child safety locks fitted to medicine cabinets or drawers where knifes and other sharp objects are kept, you can ensure children don’t have access to potentially harmful but necessary household objects. It is also worth securing large, heavy items of furniture to the walls, as instances of children being hurt when they pull big television sets of chests of drawers on top of themselves are as common as they are unfortunate.

With just a few basic steps and a few carefully chosen home safety products, you can ensure your family home is as child-friendly as possible. By choosing safety products from Sure Basics you can safeguard young children while still letting them have the freedom to explore their environment, giving you complete peace of mind when they’re out of sight.