Importance of Child Safety Locks in your home

No matter how well you are prepared for your baby or toddler, the fact remains that babies and toddlers will test even the most secure limits in their attempts to satisfy their curiosity.  Their whole world is a learning experience and it is natural and healthy for them to be curios.  This means that parents have to think out of the box in order to provide a safe environment for their kids. It is important to stay one step ahead of the game and try to anticipate your child’s next accomplishment or move before it happens in order to prevent injury.

As long as toddlers have been around there have been child safety locks. It’s a good thing too, because these locks can keep dangerous drawers, cabinets, appliances and the likes locked so kids can’t open them and expose themselves to the many dangers lying around in every corner of your home. Imagine your medications, cosmetics, cleaning supplies or knives and guns being found by a toddler.  The result could be deadly.  If there is something in your home that can be opened, a small child will attempt to open it.  The best thing to do is to lock up the places that are not meant for your child!  Many children are killed while being locked inside a dryer or fridge!

Is it safe to lock them and Leave them?

When you explore the available child safety locks on the market you will probably feel somewhat overwhelmed by all the choices.  Basically you will find a lock suitable for everything from the kitchen cabinets to the toilet.  The first type of lock that you may want to consider are magnetic locks.  These are moderately easy to install and should be suitable to prevent pinched fingers when the baby is trying to open a cabinet or drawer, however, as your child becomes stronger he will be able to beat the system, and they cannot be installed everywhere.  Anything dangerous should be moved to the highest place possible and out of reach, just in case.  Drawer locks are great tools that will make sure a child doesn’t pull out a drawer all the way and onto themselves.  They can be mounted or put in with adhesives.

For your kitchen cabinets find childproofing locks that you child cannot open but that you can open with one hand.  If you have swivel cabinets they make a special lock for those that can ensure no fingers or arms get entrapped.  These can usually be screwed in inconspicuously in the interior of the cabinet.  Just as kids will get into everything, if something moves, spins or lifts, a child will want to play with it.  There are safety knobs for your stove that ensures that the pilot light is never turned off/on.

Which Safety Lock Ensures Your Keys are Never Flushed Down the Toilet

A not so common lock choice that most parents will want to buy is one that locks the toilet seat in place. There isn’t a toddler alive who isn’t thrilled by the flushing and hissing sound and water in the toilet. This lock can save you from expensive plumbing repair and reduce the risk that your child will play in the germ filled toilet or fall in and possibly drown. Yes, this has actually happened.

Now wouldn't it be nice to have a multi purpose child safety lock, which can lock or secure almost anything. Well the Sure Basics Multi-Use child locks are meant to be your life saver. The locks can be opened with one hand, while you are carrying the baby with the other. The strap is flexible to  install on flat surface and bent corners. They are adjustable depending on the location of install. And they can even be installed on a toilet. Just not on large doors.

No matter what, be diligent about checking every room in your home to see if there is a door, cabinet, drawer or other place that needs locking.  Sometimes it will save your valuable from being broke as well as save your child from being injured.  It doesn’t matter which kind you use as long as it works well. Once you get used to the safety locks around your home, you will be able to relax. The rule of thumb is; if it can be opened and danger lurks behind that door, lock it up!