Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder Recalled For Asbestos Concerns

Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc. has recalled one lot of baby powder “out of an abundance of caution” because of potential asbestos concerns.

The recall affects Lot #22318RB of Johnson’s Baby Powder, which was produced and shipped in America in 2018. Recalled lot contained 33,000 bottles. The lot number can be found on the back of the bottle, directly underneath the cap.

The decision was made after tests from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) found “sub-trace levels of chrysotile asbestos” in one bottle of the product. The tested bottle was acquired from an online retailer.

What should you do if you own a bottle of Johnson’s Baby Powder from Lot #22318RB? Stop using the product right away, then contact Johnson & Johnson Consumer Care Center at or +1 (866) 565-2229 for refund information.