Natural thoughts about Baby Proofing

It is always a good reminder for every parent about accidents waiting to happen. And that they can be easily preventable, with some basic thinking. Never take things for granted.
My wife, uses the iron, opens the dishwasher, uses a hair straightener, cooks food on the front stove burners, and I could go on and on. I make sure to keep an eye when she is doing all the things mentioned above. Her concentration might be somewhere else, but for me, I feel it is the duty of both parents to be careful teachers and supervisors. Below is a list all parents should ask themselves if they have their little ones or even their friends and families children coming to their home:

  • Did you secure the refrigerator, trash can, or your cabinets with child safety locks?
  • Did you place a spout cover, and anti slip mat inside the bathtub?
  • Do you watch your children take a bath, or do you leave them to play alone?
  • Did you wind up the blind or curtain cord high up?
  • Did you cover your electric outlets?
  • Did you buy anti slip socks for your little one, to prevent slips and falls on hard floors?
  • Did you use the iron, and kept a hot iron somewhere easily accessible?
  • Did you install corner guards on sharp edges, and use a cushion ottoman as a center table?
  • Did you place a rug, or soft foam mats on the flooring to prevent serious injury to the head?
  • Did you strap your LCD stand to the wall?
  • Did you place dangerous supportive items like boxes and chairs in your balcony if you live in a condo?
  • Is there any furniture near windows that a child can climb and open the window?
  • Are safety gates installed at the top and bottom of the stairs?
  • Are the doors of the house and patios secured with a backup door lock installed high up?

Setting up a child proofing company is not easy. Parents leave their trust on baby proofing products, and if they fail, they know adult supervision is the only solution. This is a true fact, but we at Sure Basics are striving to make sure our quality keeps improving, and to make the best child safety products. And we really mean this. Baby Proofing by Sure Basics comes from the heart and soul of parents of four kids.

I love each and every moment with my little ones. It is something unimaginable, filled with love, cuteness and laughter. But, it also comes with worries and loss of freedom for the parents. Our team have come up with an idea to discuss very simply, or provide reminders about three things or thoughts that just come up in our minds by our current or past experiences. Our next blog and email newsletters will always have three things to discuss, about baby products, child safety, healthy recipes, and everyday parenting. Thank you for reading this, and feel free to share. It helps us keep writing.