Parents should know all about choking hazrds

As parents or guardians, there are some basics we need to know about choking. Babies can choke on their vomit, toys, food and the list goes on. Please find the below tips on preventing choking. Our intention is to remind you to learn as much as you can.

- Learn the signs of choking so you can react fast. For example, a baby who is choking can't cry, breathe, or cough. Take a class on the Heimlich manoeuvre and CPR in your local area so you'll know what to do if your baby chokes. Taking a live class is much better than watching a Youtube video.

- Keep small objects or parts of objects—such as toy pieces, coins, buttons, marbles, rubber bands, and balloons—out of reach.

- Use care when you choose and prepare food. Mash fruits and vegetables like Apples, carrots, peas, and blueberries before you give them to your baby. Cut meat in small pieces. Avoid giving grapes as the skin of the grape can be a choking hazard.

- Never put your baby to bed with a bottle. Your baby could choke if the fluid "goes down the wrong way" and gets into the lungs. Always tilt up the pillow while feeding.

- Remove mobiles from cribs and playpens before your baby is able to reach up and grab them.