Parents Whose Baby Died Warn: Don't Let Babies Sleep in Car Seats

Oklahoma parents hoping son’s death changes child care practices.

The family is speaking out after their 11-week-old son, Shepard, died after being put to sleep in a car seat at a home day care in Edmond back in April.

"Unfortunately, that's the good that's going to come out of my son's death, is sitting in carrying devices are not safe for sleep," Ali Dodd said.

Members of the senate, supporters and fellow parents came together for a study on child safety and Oklahoma's Childcare Service System.

"I got a phone call that no parent should every have to get, that Shepard wasn't breathing," Dodd said.

A day care worker put their son to sleep in an unbuckled car seat on the floor and left him unsupervised.

The position of his head blocked his airway, causing him to stop breathing.

There is an article by National Institutes of Health, which explains that nearly 55 percent of U.S. infants sleep with potentially unsafe bedding.

Please please please, this is something I have seen a family member do as well. So it is time to educate all parents you know to not allow your baby sleep in a car seat at home. And spread this on your social media account as soon as possible to save lives. In addition, please make sure the safety standards of your child's daycare meets the safety requirement. 

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