We reveal secrets of George Clooney and Amal’s $15m baby-proof mansion

George and Amal bought the nine-bedroom, mansion in Sonning, Berks, in 2014. The house cost $9.3 million when they bought it, and they’ve apparently already spent over $15 million upgrading and baby proofing the property.

Wow! They’re taking their child proofing pretty seriously. The massive property is now surrounded by a secure fence to keep the babies from the waters of the river Thames, which runs up against the house. Beautiful, but dangerous for little ones! They’ve apparently also put up 18 CCTV cameras around the four-acre property. Nothing’s too much to protect their twins, reportedly a boy and a girl.

They have hired a Scandinavian interior designer and plan to make custom soft padded furniture for three rooms of the property. So we are pretty sure they will be spending more on custom childproof furniture and child locks. And we at Sure Basics are preparing to send them our latest child safety products for their renovated house next month. We just hope they use them.