Your child won’t be seriously injured in your home? Think again.

It sounds alarming that a baby or toddler could be hurt or killed in their own house.  Truth is that most injuries occur at home and are due to failure of childproofing your home.  It may seem like a huge undertaking at first, but it really is not difficult.

As always, never under estimate your child and maintain constant supervision.  Nothing beats that. Any cords hanging down from lamps or draped across the room are fair game for your child.  Tape them down or keep them out of sight,  and thus out of mind.

A few baby proofing issues you should take care of :

  • Electrical outlets throughout the house will cause curiosity and interest.  Keep them covered when not in use and think about investing in difficult to manipulate electrical covers
  • Your hardwood floors may look beautiful and be easy to clean, but remember they are slippery and make for a hard fall.  During the early months and beyond falls will become a mainstay.  Allow children to walk bare foot on hardwood, tiled or linoleum floors to avoid falls, or have them wear socks with anti slip grips
  • Your book case and furniture really need to be adhered to the wall to avoid them tipping over onto your child. They will try to pull up on everything
  • Pad the corners of tables or anything else in the home that has sharp corners
  • Anything that has small parts or pieces needs to be kept up and away.  Coins, buttons, paper clips, beads, earrings or anything else small causes severe choking risks
  • Household chemicals and sharp objects in the laundry room or kitchen need to be secured by toddler proof safety locks

Another extremely dangerous place is the bathroom

Keeping it secure with a door lock is very important. Also making sure the water heater is set no higher than 40 degrees Celsius. The toilet and bathtub need to be used with extreme caution. Install non-slip mats inside and outside of the bath tub. Think about installing toilet safety locks and never leave your child in the bath tub unattended for even one second. If a phone or door bell rings, either ignore it, or pick up your child with you to answer. Cleaning supplies, shampoos, medications, hair dryers, and all sorts of other hazards lurk in the bathroom. It might be wise to gate it shut or install high locks on the doors so you can rest assured your child is never left alone in the bathroom. Another tip we always give to parents is to make sure to be extra cautious when picking up your child form the bath tub, and your hands can slip. It is always recommended to pickup with a towel in your hand.