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January 16, 2017

A World in Motion, and First Lego League have build a life-size Lego Batmobile. This iteration of the Batmobile is definitely more fanciful and crazy than the more recent film versions. Giant wings, giant wheels and a giant bat hood ornament adorn this car. In typical fashion, the car is equipped with all manner of crime-fighting gadgetry. How cool can it be.

We chuckled at the amazing ad made by Chevy. Click here to view the "Real People, Not Actors" Lego Batman Movie ad for the Batmobile.

Those interested in checking out this car can see it on the floor of the Detroit Auto Show until January 22. If you miss it there, Chevysays it will be on display at the Chicago Auto Show as well. While Lego says the vehicle is not available for purchase, disappointed fans may be pleased to know that the car is based off this particular Lego kit. I think I'll go pick up one for myself.

We at Sure Basics are just crazy about Lego, and off-course really passionate about safety for the whole family.