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May 12, 2017

#entertowin here - via Celebritybabytrends

Celebrity Baby Trends knows keepinglittle ones safe is a parent’s top priority, so we’ve teamed up withSure Basicsto give TWO WINNERSeach TWO SETSof Easyguardmulti-use child safety locks. Watching kids playfully zoom around the house is a delight, but when furnishings turn into potential hazards, it can be scary, too. With Easyguard, it doesn’t have to be.

Thischild safety product secures just about anything, including doors, drawers, appliances, toilet seats, and trash cans. Its 7-inch flexible, transparent strap allows you toeasily latch it around corners. And it’s easy to install. Simply remove the protective cover from both of the adhesive pads and attach the product to any surface. The adhesive pads provide a secure hold that won’t damage surfaces.

Each set of 6 locks retails for $25,but we’re giving TWO WINNERS two sets each – one brown and one white – to secure the entire home, valuing this prize at $50 per winner. Each winner will receive 12 child safety locks, 24 bonus 3M adhesive strips, a lock remover,and a “Baby on Board” sign for the car.

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