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October 25, 2017

The remote delivery access product and service that’s making waves into the world of E-commerce and connected home security will launch on November 8, available for Prime members, starting in 37 cities in the U.S.  The Amazon In-home kit contains the Amazon Cloud Cam and an Amazon-compatible smart lock.  It lets you grant access to people you trust into your homes, even if you are not there. 

Amazon is giving its customers the choice of convenience, either permanently allowing people (such as your family) or temporarily (such as Amazon’s delivery persons, cleaners and other service providers) to gain access to your homes.  The program has all the features needed to monitor your home, thus making it an effective home security tool.  Moreover, it is backed up by a “Happiness Guarantee” if an in-home delivery was not completed to the customer’s satisfaction. 

 Although the delivery person is expected to open the door with “just a crack,” put the package inside and close the door as you potentially witness the delivery live via the camera, it is always good to take precaution and never leave easy-to-grab valuables such as wallets or cash near the door.