A conversation with a Mother about things she wish someone told her



The job of a mother is more of an art form than anything else. Its constant, requires discipline, patience and a whole lot of sacrifice.

Being a mommy is the epitome of unconditional love that continues to shower despite the infinite amount of all nighters, poop, more poop, throw up and tantrums.

Keeping that in view, we thought it would be a good idea to talk to some mothers and ask about things they wish they knew before becoming a mommy.

Hopefully, this article would be helpful for all expecting mommies out there.

Everyone and everything around you will change

When your baby comes into this world, of course you are expecting a lot of changes in your life, but most mothers tend to underestimate the amount of change you will go through.

Once your tiny tot comes in the picture, your relationship with your husband, parents & siblings will drastically change and it WILL take you some time for you to adjust to these new found changes.

Instead of worrying, expect these changes and embrace them with open arms. It takes time but you do find the balance.

Your fool-proof strategy that worked today might fail tomorrow

The specific motion rocking that worked today to put your baby to sleep might not work tomorrow. This stands true for everything and that’s ok. Babies will be babies.

As a mother you will have to be creative and rebuild your strategies from scratch very often. Which of course can be draining sometimes. Talk to your mother often. Those conversations will give you a good idea of what might work. Take advantage of their experience and try out her advices.

Your Mother is Your Best Friend

Your mother has raised you and your siblings. Which naturally means she knows and understand baby problems a lot more than you do. When you become a new mommy, it is a brilliant idea to keep your mother close. Physically or virtually. Whichever works best for you.

Their experience is priceless and better than any of the Google searches and they have great advices for anytime that you get stuck into a situation that seems tough to get through.

Mothers are also great for times when you just want to vent and of course, the most trust worthy source when you are looking for some me time.



For you moms out there, which of these three did you need to hear the most today?