Coronavirus will infect 70% world population, study says. Is this the time to panic ?

Coronavirus has blanketed the world in a way that has never been observed before by most of us in our lifetime. Even though even more dangerous viruses have been affecting different regions of the world including Ebola, SARS and dengue, nothing has spread quite as efficiently as Coronavirus.

As the world is coming down on its knees, a recent study at Howard University has concluded that it is now impossible to control Coronavirus given its mode of transportation and that it will eventually infect 70% of the total world population. Of the infected people, 1% will not survive the virus.

Given the dreading global situation, we all have one question in our minds; Is this the time to panic?

Even in this postmodern era,  the scientists know surprisingly less about the virus and no cure has been suggested. WHO has stated that it will take at least months to come up with medication for the virus and even more time is required to make the vaccine which will prevent the virus.

The stats do not look great. We don’t even know if this is the beginning, the peak time or the end. It is safe to say that this is a deeply concerning time in the history of humankind. However, there are a few facts that needn’t be ignored here;

  1. China has successfully combated Coronavirus and has begun to shut down emergency stations and hospitals. The new reported cases for 12th March were 21. The number of new cases has constantly been going down for weeks.
  2. Thankfully, Coronavirus is not as deadly as other viruses that have wiped out millions of people over years.
  3. In history, worst pandemics have affected the world including the black plague which killed one third of European population. Plague could only be combatted through mass quarantine.
  4. Even though we do not have sufficient empirical evidence, but the stats that we have for now suggest that Coronavirus does not affect children below the age of 9. The mortality rate is higher in elderly people (14%) and in people with low immunity.

Given these facts, we know that even though the situation seems out of control, China has shown us that it can be possibly contained and treated effectively.

We might have a long road before our world recovers but we have to keep going and keep battling. Here are a few pieces of advice that we need to remind ourselves off constantly.

  1. Masks are effective only when used in combination with frequent hand-cleaning with alcohol-based hand rub or soap and water.
  2. The preventive measures agreed upon by all experts are regular hand washing (20 sec for each hand) and avoidance of all public gatherings.
  3. Please self-quarantine if you experience flu like symptoms and shortness of breath and call the CDC healthline for home testing.
  4. When outside for either grocery shopping, or gas fill up, remember to use a hand sanitizer right away, and once home wash your hands with soap.
  5. If you have to travel on a plane, sanitize the plane touch video screen, arm rest, table tray etc.


  1. Follow the authorized Coronavirus sites such as the CDC or your local hospital updates.Coronavirus is real and it’s happening right now. Let’s do our very best in preventing and supporting ourselves. Please remember it is not ‘just flu’, survivors describe symptoms from mild to so extreme that they had to fight for each breath.

Let’s hope we win this war.

Stay Safe!