Keep your family and pets safe with the new Safetynex sliding door lock

Safetynex has announced the launch of a really handy sliding door lock. It is ideal for families with babies or small children and equally useful for anyone with pets. It is so simple, yet an extremely effective device to stop children or pets from entering or exiting areas where they can cause damage or where potential danger lies.

For less than $15, this lock offers a very inexpensive solution to keeping areas of the home safe and secure. Moreover, it is highly reliable and can be used on almost all sliding mechanism doors and windows.

A new introduction to the Safetynex range, it can be used to secure patio doors, kitchen cupboards, wardrobes, bathroom cabinets and sliding windows. You can use the lock to either completely stop the door or window opening; or it can be installed at a position to open the door no more than 3 inches, so you can let some fresh air in from outside.

The Safetynex Sliding Door Lock is unobtrusive as its clear, transparent colour blends effortlessly into the background whilst providing protection. It takes seconds to install; you simply remove the backing tape and apply the 3M adhesive, no tools or drilling is needed. The lock is really easy to use, you just need one hand to lift both side wings to lock it and then to disengage the lock you fold the wings down again.

This lock is extremely versatile as it will stick to most surfaces including glass, aluminium, wood and plastic. Once you no longer need it, you can remove it without damaging the surface to which it is applied.

The Safetynex Sliding Door Lock is supplied in packs of four locks, including high quality 3M adhesive. You can find it at the special online price of $12.99 at All purchases are protected by a 30-day 100% satisfaction guarantee.