Safetynex launch the Multi-Purpose Child Safety Lock

Safetynex are excited to announce the launch of their Multi-Purpose Child Safety Lock. A number of places around the home can now be secured in seconds, preventing several everyday accidents that could happen in any house with small children.

Many areas of the home are simply unsafe for children, from the cupboard under the sink housing cleaning chemicals and bleach, to the kitchen draw where the sharp cooking knives are kept. Yet it's difficult for parents to supervise their children every minute of the day, meaning they could easily access dangerous areas the moment their parents' backs are turned. Safetynex's Multi-Purpose Child Safety Locks provide a simple yet effective solution to this common issue.

The latches are self-adhesive, removing the need to drill and screw in locks that could leave holes in furniture. In a matter of seconds, the lock can be stuck on to the surface of choice, and easily removed without damaging furniture. Securing draws, cabinets, cupboards, the microwave, fridge, bin and anything else has never been more simple than with this versatile lock, allowing parents to relax with the knowledge that their child is safe.

This Safetynex latch consists of a flexible strap that can be fitted around corners as well as on to flat surfaces, plus two self-adhesive plastic ends. The lock is created by simply sliding the strap into one of the plastic ends, and is undone by reversing this step. The design is subtle and discreet, so parents can maintain a beautiful home without installing enormous locking systems that can quickly become eyesores. Available in a stylish white, these safety latches will complement any home's decor.

A company spokesperson for Safetynex said, "Our Multi-Purpose Child Safety Locks are set to revolutionise the market, providing a simple yet effective alternative to other locks that may be difficult to install in various places around the home. Our aesthetically-pleasing latches not only protect children against the many dangers lurking in the home, but also our customers' furniture from damage."

Safetynex are experts in designing reliable safety locking solutions to protect children and give parents peace of mind. The Safetynex Multi-Purpose Child Safety Lock is now available to buy from Amazon []. With two locks per pack, more than one area of the home can instantly be secured.