Sure Basics launches dedicated child and baby safety brand

Canadian safety product manufacturer Sure Basics is proud to announce the launch of their new brand, Safetynex, which specialises in the retail of highly quality child and baby proofing products in the USA. With a mission to make parenting safer and easier, the brand not only holds a wide range of new safety products, but it also aims to be a valuable resource for parents looking for advice and guidance on how to make their homes safer for little ones.

One of the biggest benefits of Safetynex products is that they are manufactured using nontoxic materials in order to minimise the risk of adverse reactions in babies and children who may be sensitive to harsh, toxic materials. Safetynex also puts a strong emphasis on quality, and takes their responsibility as a product manufacturer extremely seriously. All products undergo a strict quality control process and new products are tested extensively to ensure the utmost safety for their customers.

The Safetynex product range is vast and varied, so much so that the brand's website can be a one-stop shop for parents to kit out their entire homes with high quality safety products. From child safety locks to keep cabinets secure from inquisitive little hands, to innovative anti-tip wall straps to prevent tipping of televisions and furniture, Safetynex have thought of everything when it comes to proofing the home. Their product range encompasses all risks that babies and children may come across throughout the house, so that parents can not only prepare themselves for the arrival of a new baby, but can continue to safeguard their child as they grow and begin to explore the world around them.

Although only recently launched, Safetynex is already establishing itself as a brand that parents can truly trust, thanks in part to the excellent reputation of parent company Sure Basics. Already within their website's blog, Safetynex have a host of valuable resources which can help parents keep on top of baby and child safety in the home. From baby proofing checklists for parents-to-be, to advice on preventing choking injuries in kids under five, Safetynex is tackling a wide range of subjects to make parents better equipped for preventing accidents and injury.

Safetynex products are currently available exclusively within the USA via, where customers can also sign up to receive special offers and other rewards for shopping. With its high quality products, excellent customer support and collection of handy resources, Safetynex looks set to make a real impact on the US child and baby safety market.