The global corona pandemic worsens. Is there anything we can do?

The global situations is still worsening, the curve is still steep and experts say they don’t see it flattening anytime soon. The coming one to three months are challenging.

Now the question arises, what can we do?

Here is a list of effective guidelines that effectively reduce your chances of contracting the virus and help you navigate this situation:


  1. Focus and be positive

Focus on what you can control, like the activities in your home, cleaning the house, time with family, cooking healthy and a variety of foods. Doing safe DIY projects. But mainly keep a positive mindset, and do not let the social media negativity effect your mindset. Listen to audio books, read books, even watching a movie is better than subjecting yourself to the current media.


  1. Personal hygiene

Wash your hands every two to four hours with soap to setup a habit. If you happen to go outside for essential shopping, sanitize as frequent as possible. Disinfect your home door knobs, light switches, anything that you regularly touch every day.


  1. Isolate

The importance of social isolation cannot be undermined. In fact, it is our only hope to contain the virus in the upcoming months. In case you happen to go out, maintain a social distance from everyone you cross paths with of around 6 ft or more. Avoid any large gatherings, and don’t meet anyone you don’t know much about.

All pregnant women and elderly should isolate themselves for 4 months at any cost.


  1. Save your cash

Many financial advisors recommend at least a three-month emergency fund; however, six months is ideal. Please try to save as much as you can.


  1. Donate and Help your favorite charity

I know the previous point says to save money, however, please keep donating to your favorite charity or to the most active organizations as they need all the help and money right now.



According to WHO, it is extremely essential for everyone to keep themselves up to date regarding the novel virus on a daily basis as health organizations are regularly sending out warnings, guidelines and updates regarding upcoming vaccines and treatments.


  1. Know when to contact medical health care

The hospitals all around the globe are overwhelmed from Coronavirus cases with thousands being added on a daily basis. If you have fever, cough and difficulty breathing, seek medical care early but call your local health care representatives first. There has to be a local Covid-19 toll free number on your local hospital website. Call that first before visiting the emergency.


  1. Do not believe everything you read

There is a ton of misinformation going around, only believe information that comes from credible sources such as the CDC or your local hospital.

This is a chaotic time for the entire world with no seeming reassurance or an end. However, like everything, this will end very soon. Let’s hope that we are able to win this war against this virus and return back to our regular lives.