About Us

Life with kids is dangerous…

Yeah, that’s not advertised with all the adorable pastel baby photos. But kids are wild creatures.

They’re curious. And curiosity + undeveloped coordination + no sense of danger = recipe for danger.

I learnt that lesson very well with my youngest son.

As soon as he began crawling, he was in EVERYTHING. Toilets. Drawers. Kitchen cabinets. He bumped into corners non-stop.

But the straw that broke the camel’s back was when he smashed his head onto a glass container on the floor. We had to rush him to the ER, and it was terrifying.

That day, I decided to aggressively baby proof my home. But the products out there didn’t satisfy me. So in 2015, I started producing my own products, designing them so they would work in real life.

Now my son is 7, but my products still come to good use. (He is even naughtier at 7 than at 2 :))

Wanna see what worked for me? Check out the stuff HERE 

Mission Statement:
Be the most dependable provider of functional and reliable child safety products for the home.

Vision Statement:
Making parents lives easier by providing peace of mind through clever baby products.

Core Values:
Honest products, love and care, reliability.