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EASYGUARD Child Safety Locks to Baby Proof Cabinets, Drawers, Refrigerator, Toilet, 6 Pack

  • EFFECTIVE TODDLER SAFETY: 3-button patented design which requires a specific logic to unlock makes it impossible for the little one, but easy for the adults to use with one hand

    SAFEST BABY LOCKS: Flat or curved surfaces? No problem! Flexible and UNBREAKABLE strap works on any position seamlessly and allows latching around corners

    EASY CHILD PROOFING: No more complex products. No more drilling. Peel adhesive cover backing and bring child safety to your home in minutes

    NO DAMAGE: Provided EASYGUARD cutter removes the locks from the surface without any damage and 12 Extra 3M adhesive allows reusing all the locks again

    STYLISH DESIGN with Transparent and Durable strap to blend with your furniture and appliances, Latch length is 7 inches


    You love your little one to pieces, but that doesn't stop him or her from getting into just about anything; kitchen cabinets, dresser drawers, refrigerator, and more.

    Which is why you will love the Sure Basics EASYGUARD™ Multi-Use Child Safety Locks! 

    That’s right! These puppies secure just about anything, including your doors, drawers, appliances, toilet seat, trash can, you name it! And they’re incredibly easy to install; remove the protective cover from both of the adhesive pads and attach to any surface. You see? No power drills or screws necessary! Instead, the adhesive pads provide a secure hold that won’t damage your surface and its flexible strap allows you to easily latch around corners!

    Not only this, you get 12 bonus 3M adhesive pads to re-use all the 6 child locks again. In addition, you get an amazing EASYGUARD Cutter to assist in removing the locks without damaging the surface. We know how important your furniture is to you and that is why we have made everything super easy for you. Best of all, we even include a surprise gift inside the package.

    And don’t let their stylish design fool you! These safety locks are 100% child proof with a triple strength design that’s too tricky for your 3, 4 or even 5-year-old toddler, but easy for you to access with one hand. To unlock, simply slide the middle button first, and simultaneously press down the two side buttons. And to lock again, just snap the lock back by pressing with your hand, no buttons to press. These army of helpers will prevent your little guy from burying himself in a pile of Tupperware the moment you turn your back. 

    These also make for a great baby shower gift or new baby present for your family and friends. And we have a 180 day NO questions asked refund policy to give you as a parent enough time to see if these work you. 

    Protect your little one and give yourself the peace of mind you deserve with the EASYGUARD™ Locks. Order Now, while stocks last!