Sure Basics SB22 Sliding Door Lock, Gray/White – 2 Pack - Sure Basics
Sure Basics SB22 Sliding Door Lock, Gray/White – 2 Pack - Sure Basics
Sure Basics SB22 Sliding Door Lock, Gray/White – 2 Pack - Sure Basics
Sure Basics SB22 Sliding Door Lock, Gray/White – 2 Pack - Sure Basics
Sure Basics SB22 Sliding Door Lock, Gray/White – 2 Pack - Sure Basics
Sure Basics SB22 Sliding Door Lock, Gray/White – 2 Pack - Sure Basics
Sure Basics SB22 Sliding Door Lock, Gray/White – 2 Pack

Sure Basics SB22 Sliding Door Lock, Gray/White – 2 Pack

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  • Easy to Install Sliding Door Lock. Simply peel 3M tape backing & install in minutes without tools
  • Strong ABS Plastic Lock keeps your child, cat, or dog out of the closet or cabinet. Great for pets
  • Convenient 2 pack for multiple doors and windows. Suitable for most Wood, glass, and mirror surfaces
  • The lock rests against the overlapping door. Pull with your finger to lock, and lift again to unlock.

Do you have a two year child old who likes to empty your closet. Or a pet who has a tendency to open sliding closets and wardrobes. Or are you worried about your baby having access to open unsupervised windows?

The SB22 Sliding Locks from Sure Basics will provide you peace of mind as these locks either limit or completely stop the opening of a sliding closet door and sliding windows. It is also perfect for high rise condos, with lots of windows. Just try them, and if they do not work for you, simply send back within 30 days. We are so sure that you would love our sliding closet lock, that you would recommend to a friend or loved one. Please do not use on heavy glass patio doors.

No Tools Needed for Installation, simply remove the pre-applied industrial grade 3M Tape backing and install on the desired location. Install high up so toddlers cannot reach the lock.

If you like fresh outside air from your windows, and keep it half open, but are afraid for the safety of your little one. You can simple install this lock at a position to open the door not more than 5 inch. This keeps your little one safe and provides you fresh air flow.

The best uses for this lock are: entertainment center cabinets, light sliding glass door lock, sliding window lock, and more.

The adhesive Sticks on Strong, and removes easily without damaging the surface. Perfect for Renters! Our locks are manufactured with the highest quality materials with certified quality control. Do not buy replica or copy cat brands, instead buy the Sure Basics ROHS and EN71 certified locks.

Order the Sliding Door Locks Today for peace of mind! You will receive two locks with the quickest shipping method possible at a great price.

Will the sliding door lock work on all patio doors?
Yes, this lock is designed to work on all sliding Patio Doors.
When I mount the lock how do I determine where to put the screws?
It requires no screws or drilling as it comes pre-taped with 3M adhesive.
Will the lock secure my patio door and windows?
Absolutely! Install it high up and it is a great child proofing device.
Can it be used for home security purpose?
No, This lock is not meant to deter intruders. It can only withstand kid's strength pressure.
How much space is required for the lock to slide in between the gaps?
It requires a minimum of 7mm gap.
What is the plastic made of?
It is made of strong ABS plastic.
Is the plastic non-toxic?
It is BPA and Phtalates free. Completely non-toxic and safe for the whole family.



1. Clean and dry the surface.
2. Test by sliding the door over the lock by holding with your hand. Make sure the lock is not interfering with the opening of the sliding door or window and fits perfectly between the gaps (minimum 7mm).
3. Install very close to the opening, this way it would not allow someone to open the closet or window with a lot of force. Highly recommended to install as high up as possible, since it is easy for the child to unlock.
4. Once position is determined, peel tape backing off, without touching adhesive, stick on the decided position and press for a few seconds. Leave on for 24 hours for maximum adhesion.


Simply lift Part A, upwards with your finger to the lock position to secure the opening of the sliding door or window.

To open or unlock, simply lift it upwards with one finger slightly to release and then push down completely to position part A flat. Please press firmly to push it down completely. Continue using and opening the sliding door or window normally.


Do not use sharp objects. Slide dental floss behind the lock in a sawing motion with both your hands starting from the edges and cutting through the tape on all four sides of the mount. Once loose, pull off the mount. Wipe off adhesive residue with a soft cloth and warm soapy water or roll adhesive off the surface with rubbing your fingers. Or use WD40 to remove residue.